Mathematics formularies

The formularies in mathematics and physics for secondary schools are available in English, German and French. Thus, this product is ideally suited for schools with immersion education (mathematics, physics in English or French).

The use of colors and the modern, attractive layout link text, formulas and graphics in an intuitive way.

Through the register tabs at the margins of the handy A5 booklet avoid searching for formulas.

The formulary is a synthesis of clarity and compactness, which stands out particularly in the following respects:

  • Colored, attractive layout.
  • Handy A5 booklet with 44 pages (36 pages mathematics compact german) content.
  • Modern, course and student-friendly.
  • Formulas are illustrated with words and sketches.
  • The 8th edition of the mathematics formulary german includes tables: Standardized normal distribution, prime numbers, square numbers, powers, Pythagorean triples, factorials and binomial coefficients. Therefore, the new edition is particularly suitable for exams without calculator. Further english editions will come with the same tables.
  • Excellent value for money: Up to 50% discount for larger orders. Available directly online.

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ISBN: 978-3-9523907-1-9


ISBN: 978-3-9523907-5-7

Deutsch kompakt

ISBN: 978-3-9523907-2-6


ISBN: 978-3-9523907-7-1


ISBN: 978-3-9523907-6-4


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