Physics formularies

The physics formularies for secondary schools or lower semesters at university are available in German and English language. Thus, this product is particularly suited for schools offering immersion education (mathematics, physics, in English). The use of colors and the modern, attractive layout link the text with graphics in an intuitive way. Through the tabs at the margins of the handy A5 booklet the user will quickly find the formulas he is searching for.

The formulary is a synthesis of clarity and compactness, which stands out particularly in the following respects from other products:

  • Colored, attractive layout.
  • The tabs at the margins save the searching of formulas.
  • Handy A5 booklet with 36 pages of content.
  • According to Time, course and student-friendly. Formulas are illustrated with words and sketches.
  • Low cost alternative to many competing products.

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ISBN: 978-3-9523907-3-3

physik deutsch

ISBN: 978-3-9523907-4-0

physik englisch

Downloads for the formularies in Physics:

Corrigendum: Despite repeated proofreading by third party persons, errors can not be entirely avoided. Once a fault is known, it will be listed here and can be downloaded as a pdf file:

Calorific values (German)
Calorific values (English)